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Why The Venue Is Important


  • The place where everyone gathers
  • Most expensive part of planning
  • Hardest to get
  • Venue rules and restrictions

One of the most important and the first thing to book for your special day is the venue and catering. When visualizing your dream wedding we may often overlook the logistics of turning that vision to reality.

There is a step by step process to achieve this, resulting in lasting memories for life. Wedding planning is a key proponent in successfully realizing that dream and when you have decided your date and guest list the next thing you must look for is the venue.

The Space

An integral part of any experience is the space in which it takes place. The atmosphere that is created with your desired venue is going to set the tone for everything. Just like as you would buy a house before you buy the furniture, so you can know what and how you are going to create your home, the same is true for the venue and wedding. 

The Budget

The cost of venues is another indicator of it’s importance; it takes up the biggest portion of the budget. Once you decide on the cost of the venue, then you can see how much money you have to work with for the rest of the planning. The budget is ultimately centred on the cost of the venue. Securing and moving past this step, will open up the rest of the planning.

The Demand

As with any sought after thing, to get the place you want will require booking it early and why it must occur in the beginning stages of wedding planning. There are lots of options in Toronto and outside the city, but they book up fast especially for those key months in the Summer. Most venues are booking 12-18 months in advance (some already into summer 2024!) and require at least a full deposit, if not a 50% down payment.

The Restrictions

Often times venues have vendors which they are familiar with and or have restrictions about which ones they work with. If you choose a venue that reflects your style, then this will actually simplify your planning because the venue may offer all the vendors you need.

This eliminates a lot of confusion and chance for error because the vendors are not only familiar with the venue, but also know how to work with one another well rather than a bunch of individual vendors who don’t know the venue or each other. The restrictions span to things like curfews or noise limits.

Casa Loma wedding venue

Our Selection of Reputable and Beautiful Venue Options


Toronto Venue Options:

  • The Four Seasons
  • Casa Loma
  • Liberty Entertainment Group
  • Graydon Hall Manor
  • Hotel X Toronto

West Options:

  • Spencer’s At the Waterfront
  • Ancaster Mill
  • Pearle Hotel

North Options:

  • Doctor’s House


Remember that some places do not only charge a fee per person but also a room rental. Also be sure to ask what’s included – some places require linen rentals and have specific vendors they work with IE. band/DJ services. Don’t forget the details like centerpieces – so many options from flowers to candles.

This can be an overwhelming experience to find the right venue in your budget. Let the experts at W10 Weddings Inc help you with one of the most important decisions for your wedding. To see our packages click here

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