Wardrobe Audit

“Have a closet filled only with clothes that look good on you, work together
and fit your lifestyle. This simplifies the process of getting dressed.”

W10 can assess your current wardrobe at your home or you can bring your clothes to us, and we organize your clothing into the following categories:

What still works for you in terms of style, colour, fit, lifestyle and coordination with the rest of your wardrobe.
Which clothes would work when altered to your unique style.
What does not fit, what styles or colour don’t compliment you, poor condition of fabric, what is out of date, what you don’t like.
Bring in your current wardrobe and we are going to analyze, develop and select pieces that are best for you. Then we alter them to suit your unique style.
W10 original custom pieces

Cleaning out your closet might be an intimidating task and sometimes you tend to hang onto some clothes thinking that you might wear it again one day. But we can help you throughout the process and once we’re done evaluating your clothing needs and injecting some style into your wardrobe, we guarantee you that you are not going to dread in picking an outfit in the mornings. You are going to have a wardrobe that makes your life simpler and which expresses your personal style and the image you want to create.

​Clothing discarded is brought by us to charities for women in need, such as Sistering, or a charity of your choice.