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Wardrobe Audit

Bring your current wardrobe and we are going to analyze, develop and select pieces that are best for you. Then we alter them to suit your unique style.

  • In Home Consultation
  • In-Store Consultation
In-Home Consultation *
In-Store Consultation *
* 2 hour minimum consultation

Colour Analysis

We will customize a palette of warm or cool shades, clear or muted colours that best compliment your skin tone, hair and eye colour.

Fashion Fit Formula

We produce a personalised profile with all your measurements to determine the exact style to wear it on your body type.

  • Advanced

Personal Shopper Service

We will customize and simplify your shopping experience.

One Stylist


Two Stylist


Custom Packages:

  • The Associate 1
  • The Associate 2 ($4200)

Four piece ensemble

Jacket, skirt, pant and top with sleeves

  • The Corporate 1
  • Corporate 2 ($7000)

Seven piece ensemble

Jacket, skirt, pant, two tops with sleeves, blouse and dress

  • The Executive 1
  • Executive 2 ($12000)

Twelve piece ensemble -two of each

Jacket, skirt, pant, two tops with sleeves, blouse and dress

*Pricing may vary depending upon fabric selection.

*Add 15% surcharge for CTM

Virtual Meeting for Planning Assistance

One Planner

Two Planners

Day of Wedding Packages: 3-4 Months Prior (Pre-Wedding)

Package 1

Package 2

Partial/Full Planning 4 Months Prior

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Virtual Styling