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The Importance of Presentation


How much power is in ones presentation? A Yale study in 2014 put it to the test with a group of 128 people between the ages of 18-32. Participants were asked to do mock negotiations of buying and selling.

Their results conveyed that those dressed in suits gained an average profit of $2.1 million, while the ones dressed neutrally brought in an average of $1.58 million, and those who dressed poorly amassed an average of $680,000.

Needless to say the way we show up through the clothes we wear go a long way.




Crafting luxury wardrobes by lifestyle and skin tone. Through our couture and full image consulting services, we specialize in creating impeccable business wear, elevated lifestyle attire, and statement pieces for formal events. Crafted in Canada with natural and sustainable fabrics. All backed by our 2 year guarantee.

As presentation is so indicative of success we offer our Corporate Wardrobe Styling Seminars to organizations as a way to reengage with members getting back into the office

Personal Shopping For Men

The Seminars


These seminars are aimed at developing the essential styling skills needed to complement professional and everyday lifestyle.

Seminar topics will include a comprehensive breakdown of our principle services. These are our Colours Analysis, Fashion Fit Formula, how to achieve a successful Wardrobe Audit, Personal Shopping, and our Bespoke Couture service.

The Benefits


Each individual will become equipped with the knowledge and confidence to build their wardrobe based on personalized scientific analysis.

The seminars work as a great way to boost team morale and encourages everyone to show up looking and feeling their best to perform for your organization.

Our gift cards or packages may also serve as bonuses and incentives for partners and employees. This also presents an opportunity for your organization to work with a BIPOC women owned small business.

Each seminar is a two hour presentation for 40 to 60 partners at your firm.

Seminars for
Men and Women