W10 is Women to the Tenth Power

When women are empowered the world is empowered. We have made it our responsibility to carry out this purpose through personal style and fashion to connect, grow, and enrich our community. Designers and Wardrobe Consultants in Toronto.

The first complete wardrobe solution for women that marries thorough personalization with couture craftsmanship. We are your designers and wardrobe consultants in Toronto, empowering you to excel with confidence, style, and efficiency. Reimagine and elevate your shopping experience, ensuring it is seamless and tailored for years to come.

An experience that focuses entirely on you. Here, confidence and style intertwine, making every step enjoyable and empowering. Build your unique capsule wardrobe with our personalized couture and wardrobe consulting services. Complete your look with curated shoes, clothes, bags, and accessories.

W10 Couture. Designers and Wardrobe Consultants in Toronto.
Couture - Custom women's suits made in toronto


Our couture and full wardrobe consulting services embody our commitment to excellence. We specialize in business, evening, and lifestyle wear.

True style celebrates your personality and complements your lifestyle. We guide you to love the skin you’re in. Furthermore empowering you and making your style journey enjoyable and confidence-boosting.



Our full wardrobe consulting services include Colours Analysis, Fashion Fit Formula, Wardrobe Audit, Couture Packages, and Personal Shopping.

We sit with you to understand your needs through one-on-one appointments. Thus, we assist you to develop your unique style with confidence, enjoyment, and privacy. 

Experience couture’s allure where your closet is seamlessly tailored for years to come. Reimagine and elevate your shopping experience.

Book a Complimentary Introductory Call and allow us to answer any questions you may have.

W10 Capsule Wardrobe. Designers and Wardrobe Consultants in Toronto.

What does natural and responsibly made fabrics really mean?

We prioritize natural and responsibly made fabrics to minimize environmental impact. Our fabrics are derived from plants or animals, free from synthetic fibres and harsh chemicals. Furthermore, ensuring these fabrics create an elevated feel and quality for our garments.


W10 Capsule Wardrobe. Designers and Wardrobe Consultants in Toronto

Responsibly made fabrics use organic processes and ethical practices, including efficient water and energy use, waste management, and fair labor conditions.

Our collections feature high-quality, durable, eco-friendly fabrics. However, we acknowledge the potential harm of certain practices even in natural fabric production.

Thus, we collaborate with top mills worldwide, upholding high-quality standards and minimizing environmental footprints. We constantly strive to improve and innovate our practices.


Community and Process. Designers and Wardrobe Consultants in Toronto.

Our name deriving from Women to The Power of Ten gives us a responsibility to empower women to create positive impact in the world through community initiatives, partnerships, and process.

Creating a new way that we interact with and perceive luxury fashion. Striving for our best and wanting luxury should not take away from the community, longevity, or life force, but rather enhance and empower it. Luxury is about the art and creativity done through a high level process that values care, thought, intention, collaboration, diversity, and expression, intended to be shared and honoured for a higher purpose.

Community & Process

Our promise is to create a confidence building, enjoyable, personalized, and private experience for women to curate their wardrobes with their best and shop. All while contributing to longevity and positively uplifting the community through initiatives, partnerships, and process.


Production & Design

Our commitment to positively and responsibly uplift the community through initiatives, partnerships, and process is woven into every thread of our production. What sets us apart is our in-house production and design team, operating seamlessly from our studio.

This unique approach allows us to not only create exceptional fashion but also to do so with a deep sense of responsibility towards our community and world around us.

By keeping our production in-house, we reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation and outsourcing. The W10 studio, nestled in Yorkville, Toronto serves as the birthplace of our creations, where every design takes shape with precision and care. Our design team collaborates in real-time with our production team, fostering an environment of innovation and efficiency. 

Production & Design

In-house production allows us to closely manage every step of the process, minimizing waste and ensuring that only the highest quality pieces reach our clients. Any leftover materials are repurposed, minimizing our impact on landfills. Producing made to order and collections featuring a controlled quantity per design,striving to have little to no excess stock. 

Each piece is an investment. When you choose our pieces, you’re choosing items that remain stylish and relevant season after season, reducing the need for frequent replacements.If you do outgrow the design after some time, as one of our services, you can bring it back to us to reconstruct it to create something new. We celebrate the beauty of timeless designs that are created to transcend fashion fads, embracing classic, yet innovative silhouettes that endure. 

Production & Design



The journey of crafting exceptional fashion begins with sourcing materials from mills across the globe that operate on an intentional and high level process. Our commitment to quality drives us to seek out the finest fabrics and textiles from Canada, Italy, France, Japan, India, Spain, England, and the USA. With each piece we create, we weave together the heritage of diverse cultures.

W10 Couture Fabrics

What Are We Committed To?

Our practice is to deliver excellence and quality at all times. We are committed to providing expert consultants who honor and respect the privacy of all our clients.

W10 Colour Analysis Toronto

| Meet The Team |

Miriam Palmer Binns

General Manager

Darlene D'Souza

Lead Wedding Planner

Maria Jea Baril

Stylist Advisor

Anne Marie Burton

Production Manager

Wendy Kim

Admin Production Assistant

Lisa Smith

Executive Assistant

Devisha Binns

Creative Director