Investment pieces uniquely personalized for your enduring wardrobe.

Have a closet that works and is personalized with excellence for you. The first complete wardrobe solution for women where personalization marries couture craftsmanship. Building your entire wardrobe from the clothes, to shoes, bags, and accessories through our couture and wardrobe consulting. Reimagine and elevate your shopping experience for years to come. 

Why a Couture Wardrobe?

Personalization at every touch to fit you in every sense. It starts with your colour season. We ensure that your wardrobe resonates with your unique identity to find your perfect fit. You collaborate creatively with our consultants to craft your tastes, infusing meaning into every garment so you can look and feel your best. All while having a true wardrobe that works for you.


W10 Couture

How It Works

1. Book Your 1 Hour Complimentary Wardrobe Consultation: A one on one private consultation in studio or virtually. Value of $250.00 + tax. In studio or virtually.

2. We take the time to understand your lifestyle, personality, needs, and goals, delving into what makes you, you.

3. Provided with insights into your preferences, we offer tailored recommendations and expert advice to guide you forward on your style journey.

W10 Fabric




$550 Couture Gift Card for only $500.



$1100 Couture Gift Card for just $1000, an elegant gesture of care and love.



$2200 Couture Gift Card for $2000, a gift that reflects your discerning taste.


W10 Capsule Wardrobe. Designers and Wardrobe Consultants in Toronto.

We build your complete wardrobe to create your look by becoming your creative partners, working hand in hand to customize and breathe life into designs. Together, we choose fabrics, colours that reflect your essence, and design details that resonate with your vision. All backed by our 2 year guarantee. 

We work by appointment only, ensuring an exclusive experience for each client. An experience that is all about you. Where confidence and style intertwine, making every step enjoyable and confidence-boosting. 


Couture - Custom women's suits made in toronto

What is a W10 Couture Grouping?

A curated collection of 4 to 12 pieces designed around 2 to 4 cohesive fabrics, styles, and colours. These groupings are crafted to mix and match easily, much like a capsule wardrobe. The idea is to create versatile and timeless collections that can be worn across different seasons. Each grouping is designed to complement others, allowing for a cohesive and expansive wardrobe built from intentional and meaningful quality pieces that reflect your personal style.


Custom women's suits made in toronto
W10 Couture
custom women's suits made in toronto



“W10 has been created with style-conscious, busy women in mind. As an executive who has little time, W10 is “made to measure” for me. I have been a client for years and years. They have great recommendations for me having tracked my clothes patterns and needs. It is an efficient and truly effective way to have a wardrobe that truly works for me year over year.”

– Marilyn Knox | Former President at Nutrition Nestle Canada Inc

What does natural and responsibly made fabrics really mean?

We prioritize natural and responsibly made fabrics to minimize environmental impact. Our fabrics are derived from plants or animals, free from synthetic fibres and harsh chemicals. Furthermore, ensuring these fabrics create an elevated feel and quality for our garments.



Responsibly made fabrics use organic processes and ethical practices, including efficient water and energy use, waste management, and fair labor conditions.

Our collections feature high-quality, durable, eco-friendly fabrics. However, we acknowledge the potential harm of certain practices even in natural fabric production.

Thus, we collaborate with top mills worldwide, upholding high-quality standards and minimizing environmental footprints. We constantly strive to improve and innovate our practices.



$900.00 of Savings

  1. 2 four piece suit bundle: $7500.00. Eight pieces = 2 Jackets, 2 skirts, 2 tops, 2 pants.

$160.00 of Savings

2. Two Tunic Bundle: $1438.00

$800.00 of Savings

3. Two Cocktail Dress Bundle: $2998.00.

$500.00 of Savings

4. Two Sheet Dress Bundle: $2098.00

$250.00 of Savings

5. Shirt Dress, Tunic, & Short Bundle: $2448.00

$400.00 of Savings

6. Two Day Dress Bundle: $1998.00.

$150.00 of Savings

7. Two Shirt Bundle: $928.00


Production & Design

Our commitment to positively and responsibly uplift the community through initiatives, partnerships, and process is woven into every thread of our production. What sets us apart is our in-house production and design team, operating seamlessly from our studio.

This unique approach allows us to not only create exceptional fashion but also to do so with a deep sense of responsibility towards our community and world around us.

By keeping our production in-house, we reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation and outsourcing. The W10 studio, nestled in Yorkville, Toronto serves as the birthplace of our creations, where every design takes shape with precision and care. Our design team collaborates in real-time with our production team, fostering an environment of innovation and efficiency. 

Production & Design

Our in-house production allows us to closely manage every step of the process, minimizing waste and ensuring that only the highest quality pieces reach our clients. Any leftover materials are repurposed, minimizing our impact on landfills. Producing made to order and collections featuring a controlled quantity per design, striving to have little to no excess stock.

Each piece is an investment. When you choose our pieces, you’re choosing items that remain stylish and relevant season after season, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

If you do outgrow the design after some time, as one of our services, you can bring it back to us to reconstruct it to create something new. Or we encourage you to give it away to someone in need. We celebrate the beauty of timeless designs that are created to transcend fashion fads, embracing classic, yet innovative silhouettes that endure. 

Production & Design



The journey of crafting exceptional fashion begins with sourcing materials from mills across the globe that operate on an intentional and high level process. Our commitment to quality drives us to seek out the finest fabrics and textiles from Canada, Italy, France, Japan, India, Spain, England, and the USA. With each piece we create, we weave together the heritage of diverse cultures.

W10 Couture Fabrics




Tweed fabric has its origins in the traditional woolen textiles produced in the Scottish and Irish regions. The name “tweed” is believed to have originated from a misinterpretation of the Scottish word “tweel,” which refers to the twill weave commonly used in these fabrics. As tweed gained popularity, particularly in the 19th century, it became synonymous with durable, coarse wool fabrics produced in the British Isle.

Tweed Fabric
Tweed Fabric

Tweed fabrics are known for their diverse colour palettes and intricate patterns. Traditional tweeds often feature earthy tones such as browns, greens, and greys, mirroring the natural colors of the landscapes.

Tweed Fabric

While tweed has deep historical roots, it has experienced a modern revival. Designers continue to incorporate tweed into contemporary fashion, creating a bridge between tradition and modernity.

Tweed Fabric




Couture pieces take 2 – 3 weeks from order date to be completed.




Two piece couture suits start at $2200.00 + tax: Includes a jacket and pant or skirt.

Two piece couture suit with a dress starts at $2600.00 + tax: Includes a jacket and dress.




We offer 3 different packages that each have two tiers.

Give A Gift Card


Purchase a gift card for your loved one and let them choose from any of our services; Colours Analysis, Fashion Fit Formula, Wardrobe Audit, Personal Shopping for Women & Men, Bespoke Couture, or Wedding Planning.


W10 Couture
Wten bespoke couture packages for women suits, custom clothing package
Wten bespoke couture packages for women suits, custom clothing package
Wten bespoke couture packages for women suits, custom clothing package




Each package varies by the amount of pieces included while, each tier varies by whether the fabric is patterned or plain. Packages are the culmination of our five step process that heavily ties in our Seasonal Colour Analysis, Fashion Fit Formula, and Wardrobe Audit Services.

You may also purchase individual couture pieces in a set or stand alone.



We choose all fabrics, colours, and design details together. Then your exact measurements are taken.



A fitting is done to ensure an optimal fit.



Pick up or delivery of completed garments.



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