Fall classic styles
As the summer scorch cools and the weather transitions into Fall, we may find ourselves slowly and then all at once searching for clothes to prepare. The weather shifts and layers are once again needed to keep us warm, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Fall is a time where functionality and style meet to build a wardrobe adequate enough to take us through the colder months. This is the biggest time for buying and we want you to be prepared by choosing investment pieces rather fast fashion. We have put together some tips to think about when shopping for Fall. 

The quality of clothing is often discussed, but what does that mean? What makes a piece of clothing higher quality or a better investment than another?

Features of Quality Clothing:


  1. Longevity: high quality pieces last throughout the years, not falling apart after a few wears.
  2. Resistance: When adhering to the instructions of care, the piece should hold its shape without shrinking or wearing out
  3. Colour: The colour should appear radiant and fresh after many washes or cleans.
  4. Fit: Each piece should accentuate your body so that the fabric drapes over each feature. Never too tight, never too baggy.
  5. Comfort: The clothes should feel good on your skin, not irritating or itchy.
  6. Style: The piece should not just be made of high quality materials, but convey this quality through timeless designs.
orange cotton fabric

Now that we have determined what makes clothing high quality we can move on to applying this to how we shop for Fall. The season itself has certain aspects that we must consider when preparing for it. The weather change means people spend less time outside and are more likely to be going to work and attending indoor events. Everyone has mostly returned from Summer holiday and must gear up for presenting them self in the office. 

Fall colours are rich and earthy. As these deep colours begin to shape the landscape, it is better to work with them than against them. This can be done by wearing colours reflective of the season. Many features of quality clothing will be determined by the fabric just as the quality of the ingredients in a dish will contribute to the quality of the entire dish.

Things to Look For When Shopping For Fall

Fabric and style determine the warmth of any garment.Therefore, these are the two most important things to look for when shopping. There are specific fabrics that are ideal for Fall months because of their ability to retain moisture and keep you warm. Natural, synthetic, and blends are the three types of fabric available.

Natural fibres are the most sought after because they are not just durable and long lasting, but also environmentally friendly. They are considered the highest quality and this is measured by durability, softness, and breathability. 

For example, an indicator for the durability of cotton would be the length of its  individual fibres which can be seen with the naked eye. Cotton made from long fibres are high quality because they are spun into a finer yarn that makes them last longer. The length of the fibre also ensures that the ends can be finished cleanly because they are evenly woven into the fabric.

This evenness makes the fabric incredibly soft. The last factor is cottons’s breathability. Because it is woven finely together, it eliminates the tiny air pockets between individual threads that provides it with thermal insulation. Thermal insulation prevents feeling unnecessarily sweaty. 

collage of high quality fabrics

1. Natural Fabrics 

It is always better to go with natural fabrics because they have the most value which is important when shopping for anything in general. We all want a great deal and while the price of quality clothing may be high, what you are getting in return is of far greater value than what you paid for it. This is the case when each piece of clothing is measured by these factors and characteristics in which you can leave the store knowing that you purchased with a purpose.

Wool, cashmere, vegan leather, silk, cotton, and corduroy are fabrics you should look to wear in Fall months. Wool and its many forms is considered the warmest fabric on the market due to its excellent insulation. This keeps wearers warm in the winter and cool in the Summer. When looking for wool it is important to be familiar with the different types of wool. 


Merino wool holds the title as the finest and softest wool available affording its wearer a comfortable experience with minimal itch. Merino wool regulates body temperature to prevent stink and moisture. Not only does it insulate, but it is also durable due to its natural elasticity, while being flame and water resistant. Its many air pockets and overlapping scales makes cleaning the fabric easy and requires little maintenance. 

The next type of wool is lambswool which comes from young sheep’s first shear and is less itchy than merino wool because of this. Although cashmere is a type of wool it deserves a category of its own. It is made from the hairs of the cashmere goat that gives it a silky and smooth feel. Cashmere is five times warmer than wool while being breathable and very light weight. Ultimately, cashmere is an upgrade from wool because it does not itch, is warmer, and light weight. 

silk, merino wool, and lambs wool fabric
Classic and timeless fall fashion suit woman

2. Style

After deciding which fabrics you want to seek out, the next thing to look at is the style. Having quality fabric is of no use if it is not applied to something just as stylish.

Chances are the better quality materials used to make a garment, the better quality design and style accompanies it.

High quality fabrics are a big investment for any designer and they want to ensure that these do not go to waste, so their most popular styles will get the best fabrics to match. 

Of course, this may not always be the case, so it is important that if you are willing to pay more for fabrics that are going to last over time, then their styles should do the same.

Seeking styles that never go out of fashion and compliment your life-style, skin tone, and physical features is a great choice.

When something compliments the wearer, it can never go out of style because it will always look good on you, no matter the year or trend.

Examples of timeless styles would be trench coats, turtle necks, high waisted pants, and many more. 


Start from basic timeless styles and gradually move up, with the essentials down, you will always be able to navigate and have something to wear. Every person has features that they are proud of, your essential pieces should accentuate these features so you can feel confident and comfortable in them. 

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