Day of wedding planning

The big day is fast approaching and while exciting, it can also be a nerve wrecking and anxious time, hiring a Day-of-Coordinator is a great idea whether you’ve planned the wedding yourself or already have a wedding planner. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Coordinating All The Vendors

You are going to be busy on your special day and so are your close friends and family. A coordinator will liaise with all your vendors and venue to ensure everything is set up and ready to go. They will be on site the night before and morning of to check all the details are how you’ve planned. You should not be worried about the table settings and seating arrangements on the day of your wedding.


2. Keeping The Schedule and Timing

A coordinator will help ensure the day runs smoothly. Checking to make sure people know where they are going and what time they need to be there. They will keep track of the schedule for the day leaving you to take it all in and enjoy every minute of the day without constantly looking at the clock.

Day of wedding setup rings and vendors
day of wedding coordination set up

3. Last Minute Hiccups

Despite the best planning efforts, sometimes a challenge will arise. A coordinator can be the person in charge of resolving any last-minute problems which will alleviate any additional stress on you. This means that you can stay focused on having a good time and feel relieved to know that any problems are being handled.





4. Personalized Requests

Need your dress steamed, your husband’s wedding gift delivered, someone to check in with the officiant? A wedding coordinator can handle these small but BIG details that come up the day of your wedding. They are an extra set of hands that you can rely on to help make your day memorable.


 W10 Wedding Planning Services include Day-Of Wedding Coordinator packages and support. Reach out to us today for a complimentary consultation. We are here to make your day perfect. 

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