Our name, derived from ‘Women to the Power of Ten,’ reflects our dedication to empowering individuals through the art of personal style.

We are couturiers and stylists committed to crafting luxury capsule wardrobes with natural and sustainable fabrics at our Toronto, Canada studio.

Whether it’s impeccable business wear, elevated lifestyle attire, or statement pieces for formal events, our team creates and caters to all your fashion desires. All backed by our 2 year guarantee.

custom navy houndstooth suit for women, made to measure

Our commitment to excellence shines through our couture and full image consulting services, where we specialize in curating the finest quality attire for every occasion. 

We know that true style is about more than just clothes; it’s about celebrating your personality, enhancing your physical features, and complementing your unique lifestyle.

We are passionate about guiding you to love the skin you’re in. Our mission is to not only outfit you but to empower you, making your style journey an enjoyable and confidence-boosting experience.

W10 Colours Inc Couture

Full image consulting service include Colours Analysis, Fashion Fit Formula, Wardrobe Audit, Couture Packages For Women and our Personal Shopping Service. 

Experience the allure of couture, where every stitch tells a story of timeless beauty and uncompromising quality. Crafted with care, designed for life. This is couture reimagined.

We invite you to book a 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation  with our seasoned stylists who will craft a wardrobe tailored exclusively for you.

Allow us to answer any questions you may have and uncover the depths of your style aspirations, opening a world of refinement and self-assurance.

W10 Colours Inc Couture
colour analysis


Our practice is to deliver excellence and quality at all times. We are committed to providing seasoned stylists who honour and respect the privacy of all our clients.


Miriam Palmer Binns

General Manager

Darlene D'Souza

Lead Wedding Planner

Maria Jea Baril

Stylist Advisor

Anne Marie Burton

Production Manager

Wendy Kim

Admin Production Assistant

Lisa Smith

Executive Assistant

Devisha Binns

Creative Director & Owner



“W10 has been created with style-conscious, busy women in mind. As an executive who has little time, W10 is “made to measure” for me. I have been a client for years and years. They have great recommendations for me having tracked my clothes patterns and needs. It is an efficient and truly effective way to have a wardrobe that truly works for me year over year.”

– Marilyn Knox | Former President at Nutrition Nestle Canada Inc