Fresh Water Pearl Earring with Sterling Silver


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Our holiday pearl collection is a one of a kind ode to the traditions and elegance of the season that brings loved ones together. Each handcrafted pearl earring set is a staple in any wardrobe and effortlessly transcends moods, rooms, and looks to create a classic and opulent picture. Whether worn in the day or night, this lavish, yet subtle earrings will elevate any outfit it accompanies. Made in Canada. Limited edition.

Handcrafted fresh water cultured pearls with sterling silver. Cultured pearls are the result of an eco friendly and cruelty free process that forms each pearl without a bead nucleus. This means that not only is each pearl is unique and distinct, but they are also more stronger and durable than saltwater pearls.

Longlasting – no tarnish

Cruelty free


Heat resistant

Pearls size: 13mm

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